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2016— Week 23

Our 2016 operating season is off to a great start. There was beautiful weather in the beginning of the week with very little wind. Later in the week a cold front went through and brought us light rain and windy conditions. Fishing can only be described as awesome.

Ralph with his trophy PikeKristian with his Lake TroutBob with his trophy Pike

Pike fishing offered incredible sport with many days where we caught 50+ fish. We are very happy to report that the first trophy pike have been caught: Dave 105 cm, Ralph 109 and 110 cm. Bob missed the mark only by a couple of centimeters but landed the heaviest fish! Also grayling fishing was world class; Thomas missed the trophy mark only by ½ centimeter!!

Also the lake trout fishing was fantastic with more than 50 Lake Trout per boat/day. The biggest one was 97 cm.

When fishing for Lake Trout we also caught lots of Kokanee. One of our guided trips landed more than 20 Kokanee, even though we did not target them. The population collapsed about 12 years ago, most likely because of low water and warm temperatures on the spawning beds. The species then became protected by law and we were asked not to target them, not even for catch and release. Two years ago the biologists counted about 1,000 salmon on the spawning beds, followed by 4,800 last year. This number is even higher than the average before the collapse and we are very hopeful that the Kokanne are back for good and we will be able to target them again as soon as next year.

All is good here at the lodge, we are looking forward to many new adventures and lots of great fishing!

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team