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Week 2, 2024

What a fantastic and adventure filled first week we had here at Dalton Trail Lodge!

Summer is finally here; the sun is packing some heat and the fish are biting. We did our first over night trips to our outpost cabins and were rewarded with world class fishing and some wonderful outdoors experiences.  While there we landed the first Lake Trout Trophy of the year. Devon caught a beautiful 104 cm trophy! We also landed out first Pike Trophies of the year, 106 and 108 cm. Welcome to the Dalton Trail Lodge Trophy Club!

The water levels are still low but with the warm weather we should see them rising soon. This time of the year the larger Lake Trout are in shallower waters and we were able to land a bunch of them fly fishing. The Beer group landed countless big lake trout on streamers fishing off sandy points and reefs. The fish were so aggressive, that they took streamers off the surface. They also reported that when fighting a mid size lake trout (10 – 15 lbs) some really big monster trout tried to steal the streamer out of the mouth of the fish hooked! Catch of the week goes to Josef (82 years old), who caught a trophy pike in Morane lake.

 We were able to get to most of our destinations and hope to have them all available by next week. Mush Lake Road was still closed but will open on Friday.

Wildlife viewing has been amazing, many of our guests got to see moose, bears, bison and elk. All from a safe distance of course! The Yukon is a prime destination not only for fishing but all kind of outdoor adventures, including hiking, canoeing, wildlife watching, birding, river rafting, gold panning – just to name a view.

We welcomed many new guests to the lodge this week as well as some old friends. Everyone is having a great time and we are very much looking forward to the weeks to come!

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team