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2019 - Week 28

Fishing has been amazing this week, as usual!

We continued to have nice weather with not much wind. At the beginning of the week we had some local smoke blow in from fires around the territory. All the active fires are far from the lodge, the good thing about the smoke is that it brought the temperature down a bit and the fish were super active!

Pike fishing was very successful this week. Although we did not catch and Trophy’s we had many that were mere cm away from the mark. Lake Trout have moved to the colder waters so they are either deep down in the lakes or at river mouths.

Grayling fishing is always good here in the Yukon. Our guests landed some beautiful fish. We do not target them but our guests had the luck of catching some land locked Kokanee Salmon as well.

This week we caught some nice sized Rainbow Trout. These fish put up an amazing fight. Many of our guests are fly fishing only and they took advantage of our wind calm days.

At the end of the week we got a bit of wind again and it blew the smoke out, our beautiful mountains were visible again.

All is good and we are looking forward to more amazing times ahead.

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team