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2018— Week 33

We had beautiful weather again this week, the wind picked up a bit but we have many destinations that are protected from the wind so our guests were able to have awesome days of fishing still. The temperature stayed at a nice 22 degrees celcius, nice and warm but not too hot to enjoy the water.


We caught many huge Lake Trout, although they did not hit the Trophy mark our guests got a lot of fish over 90 cm.

Pike fishing was equally sucessful, Pike can put up quite a fight when you are reeling them in.

Jet boating down the river is alway an awesome adventure when you are here at the lodge. Many of our guests enjoyed the ride of zipping down the river to our fishing destination. While down on the river we caught tons of Grayling and Rainbow Trout. Rainbow Trout can jump high out of the water while you are playing them and bringing them in.

Dolly Varden continue to surprise us with the larger size this year. We have a small lake that is loaded with them, they have a beutiful colouring.

We did a few overnight trips to our destination that is only reachable with an ATV. Either guests drove there on ATV or they rode with the guide in our Tryex, a 4 seat side by side.

The forcast looks good for the week to come, some more warm weather and, of course, awesome fishing!

Your Dalton Trail Lodge Team

Images: Nice sized Pike, Huge Lake Trout, Awesome day fishing for Pike and Trout.