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2011— Week 32

At the beginning of the week we had still fantastic fishing for Lake Trout and the following guests caught a total of 5 Lake Trout Trophies: Hans-Martin Peter (105 cm), Hans Hoss (105 cm), Jens Hojberg (2 x 105 cm, 106 cm), Martha Hojberg (102 cm). Hans Hoss also caught a big Pike of 110 cm. Congratulations everybody and welcome to the Trophy Club! Towards the end of the week the fishing for Lake Trout slowed down and we didn’t catch any more of these big fish. It had to happen sooner or later as the fish can’t be active all the time. We are actually very surprised that the world-class fishing for Lake Trout lasted that long, we have never experienced such a long period of a feeding frenzy. The King Salmon run is over and we didn’t do any more trips fishing for them. They are spawning right now and they should be left alone. Pike fishing was generally good and besides the Trophy there were many nice ones up to 100 cm being caught. Fishing for Grayling was outstanding, our guests landed several big ones very close to the Trophy mark of 48 cm. One day we were trolling for Lake Trout and “accidentally” hooked several Kokanees. These landlocked Salmon were very rare in the last years and thought to be almost extinguished. It was nice to see a bigger school heading up the river for spawning. We are hoping that they will recover and they will find good spawning conditions. Fishing for Rainbow Trout was still very productive with several nice fish in the 40 to 50 cm range. We experienced another bad weather week with mainly windy conditions and cold temperatures. We had two days with very heavy rain which made most of our rivers rise. We are blessed that we have so many different waters we can fish. If it is windy or high water we always find places to catch fish!


Water : 7 – 13° C
Air : 6 - 12° C

Trophy Club Member

Lake Trout > 100 cm : Hans-Martin Peter (105 cm), Hans Hoss (105 cm), Jens Hojberg (2 x 105 cm, 106 cm), Martha Hojberg (102 cm)
Pike > 105 cm : Hans Hoss (110 cm)
Grayling > 48 cm :


King > 30 lbs : Off Season
Coho > 15 lbs : Off Season
Sockeye > 10 lbs : Off Season

Hans-Martin with his Trophy of 105 cmHans-Martin with his Trophy of 105 cmHans and his fat Lake Trout Trophy Hans and his fat Lake Trout TrophyJens with one of his Trophies Jens with one of his Trophies

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