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2011— Week 30

We thought we couldn’t top the last week’s Lake Trout catches but we were wrong. Our guests caught no less than 8 Lake Trout Trophies in one week – this is unbelievable and certainly not the norm! We are trying to keep expectations down because sooner or later this incredible fishing will slow down as the fish can’t be active all the time. But as for now we are certainly enjoying catching these fantastic big Lake Trout. We are pleased to welcome the following fishermen to our Lake Trout Trophy Club: Matteo Torti (107 cm), Alessandro Torti (102 cm, 100 cm), Ray Carignan (108 cm, 102 cm), Larry Lundberg (108 cm, 101 cm), Mike Sopko (101 cm). We have to apologize that we can’t put everybody’s picture in the report as there is only room for three. Ray Carignan and Mike Sopko caught besides the Lake Trout Trophies also Pike Trophies. Congratulations to everybody and welcome to the Trophy Club! Ray Carignan is the host of a well known fishing show called “Outdoor Passion” and he will produce shows about the fishing here at Dalton Trail Lodge. The footage couldn’t be better with all the big fish he caught and we are looking forward to see it on TV. Fishing for King Salmon was extremely well too with some really big fish up to 45 lbs. Grayling fishing was very successful as well and many were caught on dry flies. The Rainbow Trout were also active and our guests landed many nice fish up to 45 cm. We did one trip fishing for Inconnu but unfortunately they were not around any more. We don’t know were they went, still a lot of unknown things about this mysterious fish. The only downside of this week was the weather: We experienced mostly a mix of sun and windy conditions. But our guests made the best out of it and everybody was very happy with their catches.


Water : 8 – 15° C
Air : 15 - 18° C

Trophy Club Member

Lake Trout > 100 cm : Matteo Torti (107 cm), Alessandro Torti (102 cm, 100 cm), Ray Carignan (108 cm, 102 cm), Larry Lundberg (108 cm, 101 cm), Mike Sopko (101 cm)
Pike > 105 cm : Ray Carignan (120 cm, 107 cm), Mike Sopko (108 cm)
Grayling > 48 cm :


King > 30 lbs : Matteo Torti (40 lbs), Alessandro Torti (45 lbs)
Coho > 15 lbs : Off Season
Sockeye > 10 lbs :

Matteo with his big Lake Trout of 107 cmMatteo with his big Lake Trout of 107 cmAlessandro and his Trophy of 102 cm Alessandro and his Trophy of 102 cmLarry with his huge Lake Trout of 108 cm Larry with his huge Lake Trout of 108 cm

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