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2010— Week 36

We are very happy to welcome our long time guest and friend Otmar Staggl to our Trophy Club. He has visited our Lodge for many years and was so far unlucky catching a Trophy fish. Now it finally happened as he caught a beautiful Grayling of 49 cm – congratulations Otmar and well done! Grayling fishing was one of the highlights this week. Everywhere we went we caught a lot of nice ones up to 47 cm. Conditions are great, very low and clear water levels. Fishing for Lake Trout was great and more productive than the last weeks. Fish are concentrating now in their spawning grounds and are not as spread out as before. Our guests enjoyed catching many fish in the rivers as well as in the lakes. The biggest Lake Trout measured 95 cm and we are confident that we will catch a Trophy pretty soon. The rivers are now full of Whitefish and they will soon be ready for spawning. It is an underestimated species, probably because they are a lot harder to catch than any other fish. But they are great eating and good fun to catch on light fly fishing tackle. We didn’t do a lot of fishing for Pike, so there is not much to report. Fishing for Rainbow Trout was excellent with many fish up to 50 cm being caught. Silver Salmon are now running strong in a river at the coast of Alaska and we will be doing fly-out trips shortly. There is still bad news about the mushrooms. Although we had more rain there are hardly any at all. Probably our summer was just too dry. We experienced pretty unsettled weather during this week. We had some days with beautiful Indian Summer weather and other days with cold temperatures and rain. But the good thing was that the winds were almost always very calm. It was a very successful week as the fishing was great and we were fully booked.


Water : 10 – 12° C
Air : 9 - 15° C

Trophy Club Member

Lake Trout > 100 cm :
Pike > 105 cm :
Grayling > 48 cm : Otmar Staggl (49 cm)


King > 30 lbs : Off Season
Coho > 15 lbs :
Sockeye > 10 lbs :

A very happy fishermanA very happy fishermanBeautiful autumn colours Beautiful autumn coloursA nice underwater picture of a Lake Trout A nice underwater picture of a Lake Trout

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