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2009— Week 34

The Trophy hunt continued during this week, Ralph Hayes and Bob Nygard both caught 3 Pike over 100 cm. Ralph’s biggest Pike was 115 cm and is the second biggest Pike of the season. Congratulations to both of them and welcome to our Trophy Club! After a very busy season we did not have many guests during this week but that will change soon as bookings are looking good right to the end of our season. Lake Trout fishing was very successful with fish up to 85 cm. There are quite a few Lakers in the rivers already and with fall approaching more and more will move in. These fish are not huge but using lighter tackle and catching them in faster water is a lot of fun. We did very well fishing for Grayling with the biggest ones in the range of 47 cm; just missing the Trophy mark by a tiny little bit. All our rivers have dropped and are in prime shape now for fly fishing. Fishing for Rainbow Trout was awesome, they were very aggressive and would even hit large surface flies. What a thrill when they shoot out of the water like a rocket! The first Silver Salmon are showing up at the coast of Alaska and it shouldn’t take long until we will do the first fly out trips. Expectations are high as we expect a good run. Our guests enjoyed picking wild mushrooms, another great thing to do here at Dalton Trail Lodge besides fishing. The Boletus mushroom is a real delicacy and is called the King of the mushrooms for that reason. Alexander Becker found a huge Boletus of at least 2 pounds and to our surprise it was in perfect condition. Maybe we should create a Mushroom Trophy Club in the future? The weather was not all too great, we had quite a bit of rain (good for the mushrooms though). The first half of the week was windy as one low pressure system after the other hit the coast of Alaska. Towards the end of the week the weather improved and forecasts are looking good for the next few days.


Water : 7 – 11° C
Air : 8 – 15° C

Trophy Club Member

Lake Trout > 100 cm :
Pike > 100 cm: Ralph Hayes (103 cm, 105 cm, 115 cm), Bob Norgard (102 cm, 106 cm, 108 cm)
Grayling > 48 cm :


King > 30 lbs : Off Season
Coho > 15 lbs : Off Season
Sockeye > 10 lbs :

Ralph with his big Pike of 115 cmRalph with his big Pike of 115 cmAlex with a giant Boletus mushroom Alex with a giant Boletus mushroomPlaying a nice Grayling Playing a nice Grayling

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