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2009— Week 30

What a great fishing week with no less than 13 Trophies being caught! We are very pleased to welcome the following fishermen to our Trophy Club: Mike Walters (Laketrout of 105 cm and Pike of 105cm), Wayne Walters (Pike 113 cm), Andreas Mueller (Pike 100 cm, 105 cm, 107 cm, 110 cm), Beat Studer (Pike 112 cm), Franz Jager (101 cm, 103 cm, 105 cm, 105 cm, 110 cm). Congratulations to all of them and well done! We are quite spoiled with the fishing up here but even to our standards this is pretty incredible. Mike Walters was fishing a very remote Lake for Grayling and smaller Lake Trout with an ultra light spinning rod. All of the sudden he felt a huge pull and his reel started to scream. After more than half an hour he was able to land a huge Lake Trout of about 40 lbs (105 cm). What an accomplishment as he was using 6 lbs test line and didn’t have a landing net! On the next day Mike caught a Trophy Pike of 105 cm so he has the chance to become a member to our Grand Slam Club. He would “only” need a Grayling Trophy... With all the Trophies it is needles to say that the Pike fishing was awesome. Lake Trout fishing was also great with many fish up to 95 cm. Our guests also enjoyed catching a lot of Grayling and Rainbow Trout on light tackle. Our rivers are starting to drop now and slowly getting back to normal water levels. So we will have even longer stretches to fish for Grayling and Rainbows. We did some fly out trips to the coast of Alaska for the Sockeye Salmon. Fishing would have been good but there were some issues with Bears. Many times we have been chased away from the best pools so our changes were limited. Fishing for King Salmon was generally good and the run is much better than we have expected. Our nearby Sockeye Salmon River is still running too high and therefore fishing was not possible. Most of the week we experienced windy conditions but towards the end of the week we got beautiful weather and hardly any wind at all.


Water : 10 – 16° C
Air : 16 – 28° C

Trophy Club Member

Lake Trout > 100 cm : Mike Walters (105 cm)
Pike > : Mike Walters (105 cm), Wayne Walters (113 cm), Andreas Mueller (100 cm, 105 cm, 107 cm, 110 cm), Beat Studer (112 cm), Franz Jager (101 cm, 103 cm, 105 cm, 105 cm, 110 cm)
Grayling > 48 cm :


King > 30 lbs :
Coho > 15 lbs : Off Season
Sockeye > 10 lbs :

Mike with his huge Lake Trout of 105 cmMike with his huge Lake Trout of 105 cmA beautiful sunset on a remote Lake A beautiful sunset on a remote LakeWayne with his big Pike of 113 cm Wayne with his big Pike of 113 cm

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