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2009— Week 23

As predicted in our last report the fishing was outstanding during the whole week. The Lake Trout were very active and aggressive and our guests caught many up to 90 cm. The Pike are moving into their spawning beds right now and we had excellent fishing for them. It will even get better as there are a lot of Pike still on the move. Fishing for Grayling was patchy, early in the week there were no big numbers in the rivers but that has changed as many have moved from the main Lakes into the streams. We had great days with dry flies and it is such a thrill on a calm day to see them coming up and take the fly. The Rainbow Trout were not very active, we believe that they have just spawned and it will usually take a couple of days until their metabolism will change. For this time of the year all the water levels are quite high and that will not change soon as there is still a good amount of snow on the mountains. This will not affect the fishing as our rivers will stay clear, only the fish will be in different spots. The ice was gone on practically all our lakes by the beginning of the week which compared to the last 20 years is quite late. The first couple of weeks after the ice breaks up is really one of the best times of the whole season and it is too bad we did not have many guests here. The weather was just fantastic, every day we had pure sunshine and very warm temperatures. The wind was very calm too, just in the afternoons the wind would start to pick up but it calmed down in the evening. It was a great week – world class fishing and weather!


Water : 4 – 6° C
Air : 21 – 27° C

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Lake Trout > 100 cm :
Pike > 100 cm :
Grayling > 48 cm :


King > 30 lbs : Off Season
Coho > 15 lbs : Off Season
Sockeye > 10 lbs : Off Season

Our first Lake Trout of the seasonOur first Lake Trout of the seasonA Wood Bison with  a newly born calf A Wood Bison with a newly born calfNot a bad weather forecast Not a bad weather forecast

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