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2008— Week 39

Our guests had an awesome fishing week with no less than 12 trophies caught. We can not remember having caught that many big fish during just one week. What a great way to end our season! We would like to welcome the following fishermen to our Trophy Club: Robert Spieser (Pike 104 cm), Friedhelm Schmidt (two Pike of 101 cm), Walter Scheuber (Pike 102 cm), Andre Suter (three Pike of 102 cm, 103 cm, 104 cm), Martin Haas (two Pike of 104 cm, 105 cm), Friedhelm Schmidt (Lake Trout 102 cm), Walter Scheuber (Lake Trout 106 cm), Andre Suter (Lake Trout 102 cm). Andre Suter caught four trophies and Friedhelm Schmidt three trophies on one trip – that’s pretty good fishing! Congratulations to all of you, great job. Our fly out trips to the coast of Alaska for the Silver Salmon was again a hit and miss. We had great days where everybody limited out and on other days not many fish moved in to the river. The Sockeye run in our nearby river in Alaska is over now, but the fishing for Silver Salmon was getting very good. There were a lot of good sized Cohos up to 16 lbs caught so generally the weight was above average. The weather was very nice and mainly calm but we had some cold nights with temperatures of -10° C. The day our last guests left we had almost a foot of snow in the morning, it wasn’t very pleasant! We are looking back to another successful season. We were mainly fully booked and would like to thank all our guests for staying with us – we definately appreciate it. Fishing was excellent during the whole season and with a total of 46 trophies caught we have set a new record. A big thank you goes to our staff for their hard work during our busy season. We wish everybody a great winter, take care and hopefully see you again soon.

Trix, Hardy, Thomas
and the whole Dalton Trail Lodge Team


Water : 4 – 7° C
Air : 6 – 10° C

Trophy Club Member

Lake Trout > 100 cm : Friehelm Schmidt (102 cm), Walter Scheuber (106 cm), Andre Suter (102 cm)
Pike > 100 cm : Robert Spieser (104 cm), Friedhelm Schmidt (2x101 cm), Walter Scheuber (102 cm), Andre Suter (102 cm, 103 cm, 104 cm), Martin Haas (104 cm, 105 cm)
Grayling > 48 cm :


King > 30 lbs : Off Season
Coho > 15 lbs : Andreas Breuer (15 lbs), Walter Scheuber (16 lbs), Andre Suter (15 lbs, 17 lbs)
Sockeye > 10 lbs :

Friedhelm with his trophy Lake Trout of 102 cmFriedhelm with his trophy Lake Trout of 102 cmA very close picture of a Bull Moose A very close picture of a Bull MooseOne of many big Pike during this week One of many big Pike during this week

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