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2008— Week 23

The first guests have arrived and as we expected they experienced world class fishing. Lake Trout fishing was at its best on every Lake we went to. A lot of good sized ones up to 99 cm were caught, just missing the trophy mark by a tiny little bit. Tim Drasler caught a 49 cm Grayling on a Lake where we have never caught a trophy Grayling in the history of Dalton Trail Lodge before. Good job Tim and welcome to our Trophy Club! The River fishing for Grayling was not as good as we have expected. The water temperature was very cold and the fish were not in a feeding frenzy yet. Nevertheless our guests caught a few very nice Grayling and Rainbow Trout in these Rivers. The Pike were very aggressive and many nice fish up to 97 cm were caught. Surface Lures and Flies worked best. As our plans with the floatplane did not work out last year we are more than happy to announce that we have, from now, on access to a Cessna 185 floatplane. The plane is stationed on Pine Lake in Haines Junction and is owned by Sifton Air. During this season we will be able to fly out to at least five new very remote destinations. This will give us an even bigger range of opportunities. After we enjoyed the warm and calm weather last week (of course when we had no guests) the conditions changed this week. We had a mix of sun and clouds for most of the days with higher winds. On the last day of the week we woke up and couldn’t believe our eyes: It was snowing! Even for the Yukon, snow in June is quite a rare thing to see.


Water : 5 – 6° C
Air : 4 – 16° C

Trophy Club Member

Lake Trout > 100 cm :
Pike > 100 cm :
Grayling > 48 cm : Tim Drasler (49 cm)


King > 30 lbs : Off Season
Coho > 15 lbs : Off Season
Sockeye > 10 lbs : Off Season

Big LaketroutOne of many big Lake Trout this weekDiscover very remote waters with the floatplane Discover very remote waters with the floatplaneA Bison herd swimming through a Lake A Bison herd swimming through a Lake

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