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2007 — Week 33

Our guests experienced an unforgettable fishing week: No less than 10 trophies were caught! We can’t remember giving out that many trophy hats in just one week, it was unbelievable. Our new members to the Pike Trophy Club are: Jeremy Powell (107cm), Jacob Bollag (104cm), Lucas Risch (103cm) and Paolo Frugoni (105cm and 102cm). Interestingly not that many Pike were hooked but the ones which were caught were all big fish. So quality came before quantity. Grayling fishing continued to be awesome and we are proud to welcome the following new members to our Trophy Club: Erwin Zimmermann (51cm), Jacob Bollag (2x50cm), Josef Bollag (48.5cm). Many more Grayling just below the trophy mark were caught too and quite a few bigger ones were lost. Fishing for Laketrout was still very good and we are also pleased to announce a trophy fish in this category: Erwin Zimmermann landed a big Namaycush of 101cm. Congratulations to all the new members and well done! Jacob and Erwin both caught two trophies from different species of fish and they would need a third one of the category missing to become Grand Slam Champions. Nobody has ever been able to do this and it will be interesting to see if we can announce a Grand Slam Champion in the next week’s news report. The Sockeye Salmon have finally arrived in good numbers! One particularly fly-out trip to a no name river in Alaska was a blast as these guests caught more than 40 Sockeyes, some Kings and a lot of Pinks. The have also caught some Silver Salmon and a few Halibuts on the Ocean. All the trips to our nearby river in Alaska were successful and our guests had no problem to catch their limit of Sockeye Salmon. We also had great weather during this week with sunshine every day and hardly any wind at all. You could not have asked for a better week!


Water : 8 – 16° C
Air : 16 – 26° C

Trophy Club Member

Namaycush > 100 cm : Erwin Zimmermann (101cm)
Pike > 100 cm : Jeremy Powell (107cm), Jacob Bollag (104cm), Lucas Risch (103cm), Paolo Frugoni (105cm, 102cm)
Grayling > 48 cm : Erwin Zimmermann (51cm), Jacob Bollag (2x50cm), Josef Bollag (48.5cm)


King > 30 lbs : Off Season
Coho > 15 lbs : Off Season
Sockeye > 10 lbs : Paolo Frugoni (11lb)

Josef with trophy Grayling Josef with his trophy Grayling of 48.5cm Grizzly Bear A unique picture of a Grizzly Bear Paolo with trophy Pike Paolo with his trophy Pike of 105cm

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