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2006 — Week 28

The Trophy catching continued this week with three new proud members to our exclusive Trophy Club. Wolfgang Neidhardt caught a beautiful Laketrout of 100cm and Jürgen Fuchs landed a big King Salmon of 35lbs. Ten year old Roger Blank caught a monster Pike of 104cm, this big fish almost pulled him out of the boat! Congratulations to all of them and welcome to our Trophy Club! So far we are really doing well for Trophies this year, as we were able to report very big fish caught almost every week. Pierre Manrau missed the magic 100cm mark by only 2cm but he for sure had the heaviest Laketrout so far this season. We have never seen such a fat fish and we believe its weight was around 35lbs. The King Salmon are now moving into our river systems but the numbers seem to be down compared to previous years. Nevertheless our guests managed to land several of these hard fighting fish. The Sockeye Salmon are now trickling in and a few were caught, but none of our guests limited out. It is only the beginning of the run, which is a lot later than usual. We are confident that the next trips will be very successful. In the first half of the week we had good weather with calm conditions. In the afternoons we experienced some local thunderstorms but these were quickly over. The last three days were sunny but the wind started to pick up. Overall we had a week of very good fishing and fair weather.


Water : 8 – 16° C
Air : 18 – 22° C

Trophy Club Member

Namaycush > 100 cm : Wolfgang Neidhardt (100cm)
Pike > 100 cm : Roger Blank (104cm)
Grayling > 48 cm :


King > 30 lbs : Jürgen Fuchs (35lbs)
Coho > 15 lbs : Off Season
Sockeye > 10 lbs :

Fat Laketrout Pierre with his very fat Laketrout Remote Lake A beautiful day out on this remote Lake Trophy Laketrout Wolfgang with his Trophy Laketrout
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