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2004 — Week 38

The first day of the week was beautiful but the rest of the week saw unsettled weather and sometimes windy conditions. The temperatures were below average and never climbed above 10°. Our guests faced the sometimes tough weather and were very successful for all species of fish. Due to the cool temperatures our local rivers became very low and clear, which suited the fishing for Sockeye Salmon. So far over 13’000 Sockeyes have entered our local river and our guests did very well. Silver Salmon fishing in Alaska is still world class and we have had many unforgettable trips. Small game hunting is very good too with a lot of Grouse around and we even shot the first Ptarmigan of the season. Laketrout fishing in the rivers is now at its best, as well as the Grayling fishing. The Pike are still eager to take the fly or lure and our guests caught fish up to 90cm. We are hoping that the Indian Summer comes back with warmer temperatures.


Water : 6 – 8° C
Air : 4 – 9° C

Trophy Club Member

Namaycush > 100 cm :
Pike > 100 cm :
Grayling > 48 cm :


King > 30 lbs : Off Season
Coho > 15 lbs :
Sockeye > 10 lbs :

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